We Were in the Best of Hands

There is much to say about Billy Pauling~ he is professional, insightful beyond his years, and his team approach, including us the sellers, insured confidence to the process. Billy took us from the initial idea of selling our home of 23 years to the closing~ not at easy task for us however his guidance from Day 1 to closing was incredible. Billy sent a Abbey to help with staging and she gave us a thourogh printout of ideas to help in that regard..we followed it very closely and I believe this was helpful in the sale of our home. It felt that all our needs were attended to, suggestions were made when we needed them, Billy even offered to help us if we needed it. Throughout we felt we were in the best of hands~ a responsive, caring team of people with Billy at the helm. Billy listens well, is humble, and open. Pauling Homes Team was the best decision we could have made. Our home sold and closed successfully. We received thoughtful gifts along the way from the TEAM. Thank you Billy and Team for doing what you do so well and for taking your work so seriously. We are most grateful. Cynthia & Scottie Johnson. Sold in Bloomington, MN, May 2017, and moved to Colorado!

— Cynthia 08/09/17